Many many years ago, way back in the dark ages, Democracy used to be defined as government by the people, of the people for the people. A very quaint idea indeed and something totally unrelated to today’s European Union which consists of: government by unelected unaccountable Eurocrats, for the bankers and the very few, of the most servile, insignificant unimaginative nonentities that money can buy.

The funny bit here is that this is not some cynical witticism but an accurate description of how Europe is being run.

For many years now it has been an established fact that within Europe referenda will not count unless and until the electorate vote for the results the Bungling Bureaucrats want. However, this axiom has been refined. Now elections have been scrapped altogether and reduced to a rule not unlike Henry Ford’s dictum referring to his cars: “You can have any colour you want as long as it’s black.” The Euro dictum is not quite: you can have whatever government you want as long as they do as we say, but even worse: you will vote in the government that will do as we say or be driven to more elections till you do or, now, even better, a series of Palace Coups till we get the right fawning subservient Prime Minister we want.

The perfect example for how this latter works is Italy. President Napolitano has grossly overstepped his mandate fist with the coup that put Mario Monti in power and now with the Renzi farce. After assuring and promising he would not take power without an election Renzi does just that through not least Napolitano’s machinations. And lest something go awry, it has been stated that there will be no new elections because…. well, ah, you know, we have to change our electoral laws first.

And to add insult to injury, the very idea of National Self Determination has also been scrapped. National self determination? What utter nonsense! That won’t do! That won’t do at all. It will make our grip on power through unelected idiots so much more difficult to maintain!

So out comes Baroso of all nonentities and threatens the upstart Scots that should they dare vote for independence they will be kicked out of the European Union and not allowed back in! This is based on nothing in law or even logic. It is the usual terror campaign. YOU WILL BE OSTTRACISED!!! Like Greece being threatened with Grexit when no such thing was even being contemplated as a possibility. Unfortunately for Greece. The same again with Ireland. Threats and terrorisation from outside foreign agents to manipulate the popular vote, against the interest of the electorate and in favour of this cruel, inefficient and catastrophic totalitarian regime.

Need we remind ourselves that the first maniac to propose a vision of a United Europe was Adolf Hitler? History has had fun with Europe, hasn’t it?