English EditorsMagazine Publications

  • Alan Ross of London Magazine: “There is very much I like in this.” “Your story (Koroido Mussolini) has been admired here.”
  • David Almond of Panurge: “I did admire the intensity of much of the prose.”
  • Jeff Phelps of Nutshell: “I was impressed.” “The characters were well defined.”
  • David Caddy of Tears In The Fence: “Impressive submission. I greatly enjoyed reading your story “Ephemeral Encounter”.” “The fact that [it] still lingers in my mind suggests to me that I should have accepted it.” And: “Late Summer Twilight was very well written, with a fine grasp of the language and great perception about passion and relationships. I feel that you write about passion with great sensitivity.”
  • Bob Windsor of Staple: “We very much liked your story (Black Swan) and felt it would have a wide appeal.”
  • Jen Green of The Women’s Press: “I particularly liked the way you built up suspense in the narrative. It was very well done.” “An ingenious plot.”
  • John Bowers of Montcalm Publishing Corp. (U.S.A.): “Quiet and effective sensuality and a good narrative drive.”
  • Kevin Troop of The Third Half: “the brilliant, beautiful, sad story “Leaving Home”.”
  • Bill Campbell of Mainstream Publishing: “… cleverly conceived and well written.”
  • Jessie Anderson of Panurge: “I enjoyed this sensitive and perceptive story.”
  • Joan Deitch of Headline Book Publishing: “NOT A MOMENT LONGER is extremely atmospheric, almost claustrophobically sexual and very strong.”

Susan Buck-MorssĀ  Professor of Political Philosophy and Social Theory at Cornell University (author of The Dialectics of Seeing, Dreamworld and Catastrophe etc.): “A wonderful story teller.” “Believable characters.” “Clear and visual writing.” “Tremendous dialogue.” “I would stress the ‘cultural hybridity’ of your characters (an in topic today), given your own Greek English background from which you draw your material. Women centred narratives, dealing with questions of sensual passion, the power and position of gender relations and the larger voices of humanity that these questions raise. There is humour, frankness, compassion, but also bitterness and a critical bite in the narrator’s voice. The theme generally is about women coming into their own through (or in spite of) sexual experiences that reflect the tensions of contemporary social life. Also, the genres range from science fiction to women’s “pornography” in an exploration of what the sexuality of men and women -but especially women- is all about.”

Concerning stories published in Greek

  • Petros Charis member of the Athens Academy and honorary editor of Nea Estia (the oldest and best established literary magazine in Greece.) has expressed great admiration of her writing considering she has an “original voice” and “indisputable maturity.”
  • Gail Holst author of The Road to Rebetika and Theodorakis Myth and Politics in Modern Greece, prize poetry translator: “… a remarkably frank and powerful account of childhood sexuality. I don’t know of anything quite like it in modern literature…” “Marvellous atmosphere.”
  • Ichneutis (A Literary Review): “Extremely rich narrative.”