Quisling may be a bit too harsh a description. But Matteo Renzi is Italy’s new appointed Prime Minister, appointed by President Napolitano who has taken it upon himself to be the sole arbiter of who governs Italy without reference to the popular vote. He engineered the appointment of Mario Monti, consequently roundly rejected by the people and he has now engineered the appointment of Matteo Renzi.

Of course we shall have to wait and see before we judge him on results. However there is already something we can judge him from and negatively. His promises that he would not take on the Premiership without an election, his promise that he would not undermine Letta for instance. And then jumps at the chance to be cynically appointed by sticking the knife into Lett’as back. No qualms, no regrets. Sheer unadulterated opportunism.

Very reminiscent of the Greek PM’s shameless volte face when asked in Germany about what he ha to say over reneging on all his pre election promises in order to do exactly what the electorate voted against. His answer? Mea culpa, or, to quote the famous Jack Lemon phrase in Some Like it Hot, Nobody’s perfect. More sheer unadulterated opportunism.

In short European politicians have shown and are showing that they do  not believe in democracy, they do not believe in the will of the people, they have no shame and the last thing they care about is how to benefit and protect the people they are purportedly serving.

In short, we have sunk to the lowest level of amoralism all around.